Alaska Chevron Service Launches NEW Website!


April 20, 2016

We got a new look! Alaska Chevron Service of Fairbanks, Alaska, has launched a new website. We understand that the web is taking over how our customers are looking for businesses and services. Our goal is to make sure that our quality auto repair services can be easily found on the web! Feel free to browse around Read more...



April 15, 2016

Sometimes tires don't get the time and consideration they deserve. We just buy them and count on them to serve us for a certain amount of miles. They deserve a lot more of our respect though; tries are one of the vehicle's most important safety features and everything from the type to tread matters in Read more...

Top Signs You Need Engine Repair


March 15, 2016

Vehicles are extremely complicated machines, and any number of parts can malfunction. In a society that relies so heavily on their vehicles for work and recreation, an unexpected breakdown can spell disaster. However, increasing numbers of car owners are neglecting routine maintenance and ignoring the common signs of a need for engine repair that could Read more...

Preventative Maintenance


February 15, 2016

Auto Repair Shop Alaska Chevron Service in Fairbanks As a car owner, there are many things that you can do to extend the life of your vehicle. These forms of preventative maintenance can include changing your oil, checking your tire pressure, and getting regular check ups. Preventative maintenance saves you money and helps you catch Read more...

How to Know if Something is Off With Your Wheel Alignment


October 7, 2014

One of the best feelings in the world as a car owner is smoothly sailing down the open road, the wind blasting through open windows and music flowing from the speakers. We all know the feeling of a car driving smoother than silk. However, what happens when the car starts to veer to one direction Read more...

Must Know Signs it is Time for Brake Repair


October 7, 2014

The brakes are the most important safety feature of your vehicle. It is absolutely integral to always pay attention to their condition, ensuring they remain in good shape so that your car stays safe to operate. There are numerous signs you may encounter should the brakes need repair, so knowing what to look for will Read more...

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